Sarah Scott

Sarah Scott


I am currently working on final edits of my first novel, Wovoka's Dance an excerpt of which was published in Hamilton Arts and Letters RAVE.

  Hi. I'm Sarah Scott. Resident Curator at Editor and regular contributor 1:1000

About Me

I live in Hamilton with my husband and two children. As a resident curator at HitRECord, an online production company, I have had the pleasure of working collaboratively with artists and writers from all around the world.

I am also an editor and regular contributor at 1:1000, an online literary magazine where I read, edit and write 1000 word stories. My work has been published in print and online and you can check out some examples below.

If you want to know more about me and why I write, check out my 1:1 interview.


Mainly I write fiction. You can read a number of my 1000 word stories at 1:1000 and various other short stories on

Script writing

Recently I started writing scripts for various short films. I have also adapted some of my short stories into film scripts.


Now and then I dabble in poetry and recently received an honourable mention for one of my poems.

What I've been up to

In Print

Awards and Notables

  • Honourable Mention in the Short Works Prize for my poem Plains of Abraham

  • Invited panel member at a reading and workshop run by McMaster Writer in Residence Kim Echlin in Spring 2016

  • My story LUMINOUS VEIL was shortlisted for the Pulpfiction Hummingbird contest

  • Invited to read at Hamilton Lit Live in Spring 2016

  • My stories Duplicitous Haunts and Thunderclap both won Story of the week at 50 word stories.

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